Teamwork makes the dream woke

Talents win games,but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.——Michael Jordan.

And also there is an old Chinese saying:


which means,a single thread cannot form a rope,and a tree cannot form a forest.

In the past 2023,

and the future coming years,

we ADD team will strive together,

we will bring the best products and services to global customers.


For us,

2023 is a year full of challenges and also a year of sowing hope.

We faced many difficulties and challenges,

but with the joint efforts of our team,

we have overcome them day after day and made a lot of progress.

Dear fellows,we aim at to be the best ,we fight for ourselves,we will go very well because of YOU!


Our CNY holiday will be :8th-17th,Feb.,2024.

Hope all of us a wonderful new year!


Post time:Feb-04-2024

Post time: 02-04-2024
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