GOODBYE 2023,HI 2024

We wanna show our greatest gratitude to all our dear friends here!

Glad to know you and nice to had an enjoyable journey with you!

Wish you all a wonderful new year

and great success in doing anything you want in 2024!


In the past 2023,

ADD window has started a series of products:

Beltless Smart curtain kits;

Mini extendable system;

Smart tubular motor series,etc;

we attended famous industry exhibitions, such as:

Shanghai R+T;

Turkey R+T;

Smarthome fair Shenzhen;

Smarthome fair in Shanghai;

The smart sunshade products from ADD window were so popular.

Consumers saw them, felt them, and recognized them.

In witnessing the growth of our products with consumers,

we also gained many valuable opinions,

all comments are our most cherished treasures,

we will continue to improve our products,

serve our customers.

Goodbye 2023,

Hi 2024.

We will uphold professional attitudes,

conscientiously produce products,

sincerely provide services!

ADD window will bravely move forward and make all efforts

to help you with a perfect and enjoyable smart life!

Post time:Jan-16-2024

Post time: 01-16-2024
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