ADD window-R+T Asia,Shanghai ,2024

ADD Window—Creat A sun-art Life

Shanghai R+T 28-30th..05.2024

ADD attended the R+T Asia,2024.

Star product 1

—Beltless Smart Curtain Kit

With EU and US patent,a totally new DIY system shining at the exhibition!

    The new beltless smart curtain kit-provide customers with a very good solution for DIY installtion,without belt measuring,belt cutting ,belt blocking into gear boxes, hard manual starting,etc.,it surprises all visitors,and it solves many problems brought by 1st generation belt assembly system.

No tools

No need professional works

Even children can finish it,easier than LEGO,save labor cost with high efficiency .

The motors are compatible with multiple smart platforms,can satisfy wiring and wireless control demands.

Tuya wifi,tuya zigbee,RS485,KNX,4WIRES...

Star product 2

The extendable system

For most customers,this is their first time to see such a delicate motorized system ,mini track and mini motor.

1MIN,finish assembling!

    Work with pluggable smart module,customers can get different smart control easily and cost-effectively.

Special Recommends

Solar solutions

With the developing of society,energy saving ,green energy become more and more important,and solar energy plays an important role in our daily life.For sun shade products,solar energy of course is a very good power supply.

    ADD focus on researching and designing energy-saving products,our curtain motors,roller blind motors,can all work with solar panel.we have finished solar solution for indoor shading and outdoor shading motors.


Different smart control solutions for tubular motors

45DE motor at the exhibition ,work with PL112 solar panel

Do right things!Do things right!We are on our way.

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