ADD Window participate in the CSHIA 2022 Summit meeting

ADD Window launched the new product Curtain Motorization Pack in the CSHIA 2022 Summit meeting.
CSHIA is a professional smart home organization, and the summit meeting attracts hundreds visitors. CSHIA was established on March 19, 2012. It is an industrial collaborative innovation platform. Provide technical innovation, industrial collaboration, market promotion, talent training and market consulting services for enterprises in China's smart home industry. CSHIA fully condenses ecological forces, integrates high-quality resources, actively carries out technical exchanges, formulates technical standards in the industry, improves overall R&D capabilities, strengthens extensive cooperation inside and outside the industry, improves the management level of enterprises in the industry, and further promotes international exchanges and cooperation. Improve product technology and quality standards, provide consumers with high-quality products and services, and promote the standardized and orderly development of the smart home industry.

Why ADD Window choose this chance to show this latest product?
It is really an IDEAL product for the smart home industry market.
*Firstly, it has no traditional belt system. As we know, belt is one of the main headache for the traditional driving system. Not only because it should be cut and assembled according to the window size that wasted a lot of labor cost. But also the belt will be aging and loosed with the time being, which brings a lot of after sales cost. With our patented no belt design, we throw away all these headaches.
*Secondly, uniform packaging length of 116cm, which is easier and more reliable for the express delivery. Customer is able to make ready-made stock in their warehouse. And it is also more convenient to bring the product to the end user. For each part, the transportation is more economical.
* Lego design module, it is easy to assemble for any new operators. Even it is fun to assemble a smart curtain track.
*From the motor to the smart track, it is unique design, beautiful appearance, different home taste.

Let the smart curtain pack become the next smart home appliance!


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