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On May 16-18th, the 12th Shenzhen Smart Home Exhibition successfully was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center (Bao'an). The theme of this exhibition is "Smart leads the future", showcasing the leading industry chain of smart home and intelligent technology and innovation. As one of the exhibitors, ADD Window Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Showed his new generation of Beltless Smart Curtain System, Leading visitors into the new era of smartcurtain system.


ADD Window is committed to developing new intelligent sunshade systems. The exhibits exhibited at this exhibition include Smart curtain systems, Motorized roller systems, and more. The new generation of beltless smart curtian system independently developed by ADD window overturn the traditional system model, truly achieving 0 tools, 0 experiences, super simple and quick DIY system, which can be installed even by children and completed in 5 minutes. The smart curtain system has obtained more than ten national patents and has passed the preliminary examination of European and American patents. During the exhibition, multiple new products attracted numerous domestic and foreign customers with their innovative and high-quality features.


In addition to the convenience of assembly , the product has complete functions. The latest Matter system has been docked and finished,various wired communication methods (dry contact, RS485, strong current 4-wire motor, KNX motor, etc.) and wireless communication methods (graffiti WiFi, graffiti zigbee, Huawei Hramony, Mi-WiFi, Mi-Bluetooth, etc.) meet the control needs of customers in different scenarios.


New low power motors, powered by solar energy and power banks, which are convenient, green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly, are highly favored by consumers.


ADD Window, always on the path of innovation and green development-Manage light, make homes more enjoyable

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