Shanghai R+T 26-28th,07.2023

Shanghai R+T 26-28th,07.2023

Hangzhou ADD Window Energy-saving Co.,Ltd attended R+T Asia,on 26-28th,07.2023

Innovation  Professional  Energy-saving


A series of products from ADD lighted the fair,attracted visitors all over the world.Lets see some star products:

Super Star N0.1:New Generation—Beltless Smart Curtain System



The new star product-New Generation—Beltless Smart Curtain System, adopts an innovative running system to solve various assembly difficulties, running blocking, hard manual start, and various after-sales problems caused by belt, bringing users a new experience.

There are so many new upgrades;

No belt assembly;No belt length measurement or cutting;

Children friendly assembly;Perfect track splicing;

Super smooth and quiet running;3-level running speeds;

Rotary carrier arm;Rotary end hook;

Built-in Lithium battery;Powered by solar panel/power bank;

AC+Type-C power input interfaces;50KGS load capacity for any size;


  ADD Window became a well-deserved popular booth during the exhibition.

Super Star N0.2:New Generation—Mini Extendable Curtain System




As the only one smart curtain system ,motor&track integrated system,whose cost less than ¥100 is sure to be a popular start during exhibition!

  Mini Extendable Curtain System from ADD Window,

also adopt beltless running system ,looks just like a normal manual type product ,

but motorization,with its exquisite body, mini motor,work with pluggable smart modules...

so many detailed ideas in it, let you enjoy smart life happiness with super cost-effectiveness.


A three-day exhibition

Attracting a total of 98 countries and regions from around the world

2000+dealers visited our booth

Among them, 100 overseas distributors+

Set a new high in history!

ADD Window,continue to innovate and bring more high-quality and high-performance products to our users.

I believe that through the successful experience of the Shanghai R+T exhibition,

we will shine brightly on the international stage and become a

shining brand of China's manufacturing industry.

  We are on our way! Always!

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