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About our company and products

ADD Window is an innovative technology enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of intelligent sun-shading motors and control systems. Our team has 16 years of experience in R&D and production of sun-shading motorization products.
In view of inconvenient transportation, complex assembly and high labor cost of smart curtain motors in the market, the company specializes in providing smart curtain pack for the DIY market to promote the extension of the entire industry to end consumer customers. It is a kit not only include the curtain motor itself, but also the curtain rod, remote and the other mounting accessories.
About the smart curtain motor, it has build-in battery. The end user can still motorize the curtain even with power failure. Further more, 5V rechargeable battery can be the other power option. The motor has 3 level running speed, which can be adjusted by the remote.
About the smart curtain rod, the patented design of the main transmission box and transmission mechanism, without the traditional belt system, can be adapted to any length of track without the need to install a transmission belt. The patented design of the power-assisted pulley makes it easier and more convenient to start the curtain by hand. Unique track locker design, track splicing is faster and more convenient.
About the remote in the kit, it has magnetic holder at the back. End user is available to choose handheld or wall-mounted options. Single channel and double channels are all very elegant.
About the packaging, there are 4 models with different specifications, which are suitable for different window sizes. But it has the same package length of 1152mm.
About the smart home control solution, the product can be connected to wired and wireless smart modules to realize the linkage of smart home systems. The Lego-style smart curtain machine is more suitable for meeting the consumer demand of home smart products.


Post time: Jul-20-2022