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MAGE 10 B Smart Curtain Motor

Short Description:

*Original & elegant design
*Available with different smart control module, such as WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth etc.
*Build-in battery, workable with solar panel
*3 level working speed

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Curtain Motor Mage 10 B1

This curtain motor has 3 different power supply methods. One is powered by the AC 100~240V via splay cable,one is charged by 5V via the TYPE-C USB connector. another one is powered by solar panel .

Besides the remote control and manually start, the curtain motor is also available to be integrated with wireless smart module to realize the APP,voice,smart speakers or other control solutions. Network connector at the motor bottom is used for the wired smart control protocol.

The curtain motor has electronic limit switch, realizing the auto limit setting and obstacle detection function. It has 3 levels running speed, which are quiet running ,normal and high speed.

Quality Control

Before launching to the mass production, the main parts and main functions have done the aging test. Each curtain motor is 100% tested before its delivery.


Curtain motor technical parameters:

Product name Smart Curtain Motor
Product model MAGE 10 B
Radio Frequency 433.92MHz
Radio distance 50m
Input Voltage AC 100~240V/5V
Nominal consumption 22W
Nominal current 0.1A
Working speed 12-36cm/s
Working temperature -20-55 ℃
Insulation index Class B
Protection index IP20
Loading capacity 50kgs
Motor size 206mm X 61mm X 61mm


Install the curtain motor to the track. Push the motor head to the notch of the main drive case, then turn the motor 90°in left direction.

Curtain Motor Mage 10 B3

Take off the curtain motor from the track. Pull the motor buckle away, then turn the motor 90°in right direction.

Curtain Motor Mage 10 B2

Real picture


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